Cynicisms of a Polymath

Please feel free to respond. I’m passionate on this one, but motivated by benevolence. I want peace as much as my some of my opposition, but I just don’t understand my opposition. 

I’ve been called an Old Soul as long as I remember, even before I was ten years old. People rarely surprise me, which is why I’ve spent the last few days reeling from the election results. That Trump exists and has support was not surprising. That he had enough to win floored me. I was naive.

I can’t let it go and for good reason. I’ve even…gasp…unfriended people on Facebook, to which I’ve been told is completely unproductive and divisive. And so, I wanted to devote a post to why I’m making these decisions.

By now, very few people can deny that Trump has bragged about:

I can go on, but you already know these things. I attached videos of him saying these things, just in case you don’t.

When someone says he or she supported him anyway, what I hear is:

I’m not a racist but…

I’m not a sexist but…

I’m not a bigot but…

…but I support one and want him to lead America.

Since his win, his supporters have finally felt the entitlement due to them. The attacks are mounting, and here are many that have already occurred ( My black friends and family have been attacked and also threatened. They are scared. If I am true to my morals, I stand up for these victims. In all fairness, violent protesters have attacked Trump supporters too. That is equally vile.

Now, some of the Trump supporters who I know are telling me that we should come together, unite under the rule of Donald Trump, be pals. I admit that I was naive, and I know that I’m missing something important, but if I were to unite and be pals I’d be doing a disservice to women, people of all races and colors, people of other religions, gays, differently abled, my own personal morals, and America. I’d be saying, I’m not a racist sexist bigot, but…I’m going to unite to support one.

I don’t get it. I still feel that most people are not sexist racist bigots, but I don’t understand why they would support one. Naive again. I understand the protest vote, and I can find peace with a vote for Stein, Johnson, nobody, write in, or even oneself. I don’t understand voting for a person with a proven record to support the things people are voting against. 

It’s happening, I’m still talking, and everyone wants me to finally just shut up. The subject isn’t cozy. I’m still talking because when things have gone wrong in otherwise good nations, the survivors have told us that we need to keep talking. Don’t let people forget. And besides, I am working through grief and searching for a hidden answer. So, I’m still talking, and for anyone who is listening I’m wearing a safety pin to show minorities that I am on their sides.





2 thoughts on “Cynicisms of a Polymath

  1. Hi there! Thanks for liking some of my posts. Your thoughts are in tune with mine. In today’s – which isn’t really about the President Elect – I point out that if he succeeds in his promise to bring jobs back to America he will impoverish a huge number of people living in Pacific Ring nations. And that’s another scary thing about his ideas.

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