Happy Holidays: A Feminist Roasts a Turkey

Inspired by Thanksgiving and Edward the store-bought turkey I roasted, I thought I’d write about modern day feminism. To my vegan friends, forgive my turkey eatage. 

America is far from providing equal opportunities for women. We still earn less than men when doing the same job, play a secondhand role in sports, still use initials in publishing to hide a female name, and much more. However, our feminist predecessors have secured us the right to vote, the ability to even work a job outside of the home, the rights to divorce (thank God for that one), and even the rights to hold office. Although, I’ll believe we have the right to presidency when I see it.

Feminism has come a long way. My early impression of the word yielded images of screaming waifs with shaved heads and baggy jeans, cussing out other women for wearing a bra. While most of these women did much for the movement, the anger did a bit of damage. A good friend of mine was slapped once for opening a door for a woman. If not for the fact that I know that Russell’s intentions were simply to be polite, I would disbelieve this to be the entire story. But it is. He was slapped for being polite. Now he holds doors open for men, but not women.

As a woman who has, like the rest of us, been subjected to oppression, sexism, and those infuriating cat-calls that ended my daily jogs outside, I can appreciate the anger some of the early feminists brought with them. Yet, as a modern day feminist I find the old ways more limiting of my freedom than the rules set by men. How many women have I heard criticize others for wearing pink or purple? How many times have I been ridiculed because I liked to play with baby dolls when I was a kid? Never mind that I climbed trees and sometimes used my Barbies to save my brother’s GI Joes. It seems that my desire to shave my legs has nothing to do with the fact that I like how it feels, but instead it must be due to the fact that I’m oppressed by the almighty man. That’s a joke, by the way. Hairy legs are itchy.

The most unforgivable part, though, is that I actually like to cook and that when it pleases my husband I find that thrilling. My husband, Tim, is a feminist too. In his words, “The world would be a better place if women were the leaders.” We have a happy marriage because we try to please each other without taking away from ourselves. I do the cooking at home, and on Thanksgiving I cooked Edward. Last year, I cooked John, and before that it was Frankie and Bob. Perhaps I do have some suppressed anger, since I’m always cooking boy turkeys.

This is where I bring us to modern day feminism. The new definition of the term provides complete equality. If I want to wear a lacy dress, grow my hair long, and crochet blankets, I can without feeling like it’s my obligation. If I want to wear Carharts, give myself a buzz cut, play tackle football, and oh…maybe became a firefighter, I can do that too. Because of my limitless role as woman, I decide to do what I want to do and without limitations. My husband agrees. That’s why I’ll be inspecting the septic tank and he will be doing the laundry this week.

What are your thoughts on feminism?


8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays: A Feminist Roasts a Turkey

  1. Hah… as a cross-dressing TG (male to female) I’m not sure my thoughts matter much. We live in a truly f-d up world controlled and programmed by some sociopathic force or forces (perhaps existing only in the minds of the sheeple, perhaps in the minds of the elites and perhaps, as I suspect, in some higher minds hidden to our senses) who for reasons known only to “The Shadow” want to experience us constantly at each others’ throats for the stupidest of non-reasons that can’t be reasoned. I’m on this thing about man’s civilization at the moment, so I’m blaming all the sickness on that one thing: civilization. Feminism, or anti-feminism is just another huge carbuncle on society’s body which would or could never be if we weren’t CIVILIZED. If we all went naked, would it help? If we owned nothing (as in “The Gods must be Crazy” would it help? If we didn’t have exclusive partners; if our children didn’t belong to anyone and would wander at will, living with whomever they pleased, would that help? If we didn’t have rule makers, would that help? If we didn’t worship blood-thirsty gods… If we were all utterly compassionate…?


    • As always, you have the best responses! I just love reading what you have to say, especially because you are transgender.

      When I wrote this I wondered if I’d offend anyone. I was particularly concerned about bothering the early feminists, who I love and deeply respect. At the same time, after working in the male dominated profession of firefighting, I’ve come to really appreciate the fact that I like certain things. For instance, I’ve always liked pink from my earliest memories, and I really don’t think it was forced upon me. I just like it and hate being told by men that I should and by women that I should not. This brings me to your reply. Why do we really give a monkey doodle about something so silly as a color. There’s plenty more to think about.

      Anyway, thanks for your reply, and as always I just love hearing from your deep collection of thoughts and philosophies.


  2. I totally side with this post. As a female engineer I am well aware that my male counterparts are still bound to make a higher salary than me. And I’m not okay with that. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about men in general. I appreciate when a man holds a door open for me or when I’m on a date and he pays for the meal. I like to shave my legs and wear pink sometimes- the same way you are a domestic goddess in the kitchen! It doesn’t mean you are giving up your equal rights as a woman! Shame on girls who look at you differently for that. Shame on people who think short hair defines sexuality. And go you!!!

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    • Wow, an engineer. That is fantastic. I studied physics in college, but went off to become a firefighter. I stuck with the male dominated field for sure. I’m not okay with you getting paid less either. I had an argument with a co-worker about college years. He couldn’t understand why I had to take out a loan to get through college. I told him that I worked 56 hours per week through three jobs, went to an inexpensive school and didn’t have luxuries (rarely even had enough food). He couldn’t understand because his one part-time job paid more than all three of mine put together.

      Anyway, I feel quite the same as you. I love it when a guy holds the door open for me. When my husband and I were dating it flattered me so much.

      A real woman has options, and she chooses what makes her feel best. That’s what I say. Want short hair, cool! Want lingerie, awesome. Baggy jeans, no problem.

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  3. I grew up in south India reading about the ‘Sati Act’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sati_(practice)

    I know how things were cruel for women. Things have changed now, it is progressive, I find it hard to take, when a woman from America feels that her society is Still ‘Male dominated’ which is a shame. India is worser when you compare it with USA. But still things are progressing well these days and thats what i personally feel. Forget about being a Man or Woman, your doors will be always held opened, if you are rich..

    By the way i loved the picture of your Roasted Turkey. It is tantalising my Taste buds 😛
    *Never tasted a Turkey in my Life..

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    • What you say is absolutely true. It is so easy to think about how unfair something seems when it is your only reality. The truest statement is that the doors will always be open if you are rich. That is the sad truth and the real cruelty.

      The turkey was pretty good. Even the leftovers were good in my turkey pot pie. I’ll probably be doing a turkey noodle soup at some point, since the rest is in the freezer.

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