Politically Correct: Part 1

I’m looking to write about political correctness, since the term has taken a shift in meaning and usage over the past few decades. I have put quite a bit of thought in my own ideas, but since I’ve always meant for this to be an interactive blog, I want to hear your thoughts first. What does politically correct mean to you? How has it affected you? Is it good? Bad? Neutral? An abstract notion created by boring creatures to name something that doesn’t truly exist? Words, words, words?

Please share your thoughts. I’ll post mine next week.


6 thoughts on “Politically Correct: Part 1

  1. Political correctness, let’s see. I remember reading somewhere that PC was invented by some people totally convinced that it is totally possible to pick up a piece of turd by the clean end. I think that pretty much describes the way I feel about political correctness. Another way of putting it is, it’s absolute hypocrisy. Don’t change the way you feel about something, just change how you describe the way you feel about it. We’re not asking you to stop being a racist, just to stop using words that make you sound like a racist.

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  2. I feel like political correctness is an ideal taken too far. On one hand, learning tolerance for diversity and approaching it with polite all encompassing unconditional positive regard. However, the powers that be use a self righteous seat when it comes to political correctness that permissively excuses bigotry.

    Life is black and white. The gray area we all seem comfortable wading around in is just the fog exhaled by assholes to create a veil they can hide their deeds behind. There is right and there is wrong. The gray area is where PC exists. Just because you politely address the snake in the room as a snake doesn’t mean it won’t still bite simply because it appreciated you didin’t point out it’s scales.

    Unfortunately our society has taken the concept of PC and somehow given themselves permission to approach with a counterintuitive dismissal and invalidation of anyone’s personal experiences or traumas that helped mold their faulty thinking. Instead of exploring someone’s experience and the events that led them to draw the conclusions they had, PC dismisses anything unpleasant, points the finger at the once experiencing confusion, and tells them that they are the problem.

    I’m hoping that we can all learn to LISTEN. We should prepare one another TO BE OFFENDED. Telling people this melting pot of culture and economic and societal differences is going to be a seamless process is a manipulative lie that allows the powers that be to squelch and silence those with confusion instead of helping them learn to communicate and use their voice. We need to prepare one another for inevitable accidental offenses, ITS CALLED A LANGUAGE BARRIER AND IT IS NORMAL AND ISNT MEANT TO START WARS, ITS MEANT TO UNITE….

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    • This is fantastic! Thank you for replying, Friend. I have already waited to send my blog answer-mostly because of the holidays, followed by a mini-road trip, followed by being sick. Now, I postpone to add more complexity to my personal essay. This is similar to my beliefs, though not exactly. It adds something that I needed to address. Thank you, and thanks for your excellent reply.


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