A polymath is as person who has an interest in learning all things. As a polymath, I’ve:

  • Danced with a taxi driver in Turkey (I don’t know how to dance, so I mostly clapped)
  • Played an extra in the movie, “Twilight” (When I didn’t even like the book)
  • Tried Ayahuasca with a shaman in the Amazon (And listened as an anteater turned into an infant)
  • Fought house fires (I’m a firefighter by profession)
  • Written my own piano composition (My cats run when I play it)
  • Ran marathons (and cried the whole way)
  • Researched infrared point sources with the Hubble Space Telescope (Don’t worry, I don’t know what that means either)
  • and more

My disclaimer is that I suck at all of the above. None of us polymathematicians are much good at anything, except pursuing life. Witticisms come from the ridiculous adventures I’ve had in pursuit of life, and let me tell you I’ve had a few. As another disclaimer, I’ll say that some of my entries will be serious and completely lacking in wit. I’m a serious person full of passion.

Please share your stories with me too, because your stories are a spice in my life.